Flex Tip: Two really useful tools

I was just introduced to two incredibly useful tools.

FlexPMD helps to improve code quality by auditing any AS3/Flex source directory and detecting common bad practices.

fxSpy allow you to inspect and dynamically change most properties and styles of the visual components in your Flex application. You can – for example – try out a specific width or a background color for your component before changing it in your code.

If you haven’t yet seen them I highly recommend checking them out.


7 thoughts on “Flex Tip: Two really useful tools”

  1. Hi,

    the following address for downloading Flex 4 version of AutoComplete components doesn’t exists!
    Please Check it.

  2. Hi,

    in some pages of this weblog, you are mentioned that for download AutoComplete for flex 4 go to this link:

    but this link doesn’t exists and (as you said) the correct link is:

    Some Pages that the address is incorrect are:
    http://hillelcoren.com/2009/12/16/flex-tip-two-really-useful-tools (Automatically Generated Section)

    http://hillelcoren.com/flex-autocomplete/documentation/ (In First Comment)

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