Flex AutoComplete: Latest version

First off, I just wanted to thank everyone for their comments and support. It’s really nice to know that the component is being used in other people’s applications.

If you’ve come directly to this page I’d recommend checking out the post for the original version for more info on using the component.

Latest version

Here’s what’s new:

  • Fixed minor bugs: I’ve gone through all the comments/emails I received and have made sure any issues found have been resolved.
  • Icon to clear text: Now when there’s text in the chooser and the mouse is over the component a little icon appears to clear the text (ala Mac OS X).
  • Added matched part underlining: The default dropDownLabel function now shows that matched part of the text with an underline (ala Firefox 3).
  • Changed property name: Initially I went with “chosenItems” rather than “selectedItems” (b/c the component is called The Chooser). I’ve decided it’d be better to follow convention so I’ve changed any references to “chosen” to “selected” (sorry for the refactoring this will require).
  • Added a matchType parameter: There are 3 choices: match beginning, word or anyPart. “beginning” matches, as the name implies, the beginning of the string. “word” matches the beginning of any word in the string. “anyPart” matches any part of the string. I’ve added this to the demo to hopefully make this a bit clearer.

Thanks again for all the feedback