Flex AutoComplete: Version 0.98.1

At this point I’m spending most of my time cleaning up the code. I started working on the component about six months ago and I find that when I look back on some of the older parts of the code I realize I’ve learned far better ways of handling things.

Latest version

Here’s what’s new:

  • Added browserFields property: This property enables you to specify which fields to display in the browser DataGrid.
  • Reworked selectedItems: Adding/removing items from the selectedItems property will now update the values displayed in the AutoComplete.
  • Added “search” method: If you’re using the component with a dynamic dataProvider, you can use the search function to display the dropDown if there are any matches.
  • New demo: I’ve added two more tabs to the demo to show other examples of the component in action.
  • Bug fixes: As always, I’ve gone through all the comments on the blog and made sure any issues found have been resolved.

I can’t thank the community enough for the enormous amount of support I’ve received. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from the fixes people have submitted. Please keep it coming…