Flex AutoComplete: New batch of changes

If you’ve come straight to this post I’d recommend checking out the previous posts for this component for more info on using it.

Latest version

Here’s what’s new:

  • Ability to add new items: You can now select items which aren’t in the data provider. To enable this feature you need to set the isStrict property to false. I’ve also added an allowDuplicates flag which controls whether or not you can add an item more than once
  • Added style property: I’ve added a style property which lets you control how the selected items are displayed. There are currently 3 choices: Mac Mail, Facebook and underlined.
  • Created some documentation: It’s not great but at least it’s a start. You can find it in the zip file in the doc folder
  • A bunch of other small tweaks and bug fixes: I’ve tried to incorporate the changes suggested in comments in the blog but I’m sure I missed some things. Please let me know if you suggested a change which didn’t make it in and I’ll get it in a future release.
  • Changed component name to AutoComplete: I’ve decided that for clarity’s sake it’s better to call it AutoComplete (rather than Chooser). I’m sorry for the refactoring this will require (hopefully it should be pretty minimal)

I’ve put the codebase on Google Code. If you’re interested in getting involved in the project please let me know.