Flex Issue: Using “Copy” as label for ContextMenu item

It looks like Flex won’t allow you to use “Copy” as the label of a ContextMenu item. If you try to do so, no error is generated but the menu item isn’t added to the menu. I spent way too long trying to figure out why my code wasn’t working, hopefully this saves you the trouble.

Update: As per the comment below by JabbyPanda, here’s the full list of restricted words.


6 thoughts on “Flex Issue: Using “Copy” as label for ContextMenu item”

    1. Denis,

      First off, very cool app!

      It looks like you’re using “Copy” in a regular Menu (under “Edit”). It seems to only be an issue when trying to use it in a context menu (ie, the menu which appears when you right-click).

    1. JabbyPanda,

      Thanks very much, that definitely helps to clear things up for me.

      Much appreciated,

  1. Actually, their list is not quite accurate. I have a context menu item called “Copy Rows” and it doesn’t show up. They claim that as long as I don’t use the exact reserved word, it will work. I can use “copy” with a lowercase c but that is annoying and looks unprofessional. I can’t use anything that starts with the letters “Copy” with an uppercase C.

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