This component does not fully support Flex 4.5 and above. I’m leaving this page up as the component/code may be useful to some developers but I’m no longer actively supporting it.

Advanced Flex AutoComplete component which supports browsing, selecting and ordering multiple items.

Important Info

  • License: The component is freeware. You’re welcome to use it anyway you’d like, I just ask that you send back any bug fixes or improvements.
  • Support: I try as hard as possible to respond to all questions within a day. I’ve been using the component for a while now and am pretty confident that it works well. If you’d like to extend it I’m happy to work with you to get your feature working.

Version History

Other Options

A single solution usually doesn’t work for everyone. Here are some other excellent Flex Autocomplete components which may better fit your needs.

914 thoughts on “AutoComplete”

  1. Hi AutoComplete is very handy component, however I found one issue. AutoComplete does not work when dataprovider list(arraycollection) contains one value null into that.

  2. Hi Hillel,

    Is it possible to modify the “maxChars” value of the textInput used in the AutoComplete component ?

    We are using it but we would like to be able to change the maxChars value.

    We tried to access to the “ShorterTextInput” contained in the “PromptTextInput” but it’s null when the constructor is called. Moreover, the creationComplete method is never called, so I cannot modify the maxChars.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    1. Well,

      I’ve finally succeeded in making it. I was not using the right component during my tests… Ahem…

      For information, to make it common to all AutoComplete components, I’ve added a listener to the creation complete event in the constructor. In the listener function, I’ve modified the maxChars :

      public function CustomAutoComplete()

      this.addEventListener(FlexEvent.CREATION_COMPLETE, handleCreationCompleteEvent);

      private function handleCreationCompleteEvent(event:Event):void {
      if (this.textInput != null && this.textInput.textInput != null) {
      this.textInput.textInput.maxChars = MAX_CHARS;

      It could be convenient to allow every AutoComplete components in the MXML file to modify this value, like the TextInput component.

      Thanks for making your awesome component open and free !


  3. Hi Hillel,

    The ‘Download’ link on this page takes me to Adobe’s Add-ons page, but I can’t find this component there. I’ve searched for both “ListBuilder” and “AutoComplete”.

    Any chance you update the link? (We have a SWC but would like to get source code.)


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